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Watch This Anti-Penn Station Video; Replicating The High Line

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MIDTOWN/MIDTOWN WEST?As part of the Municipal Art Society's effort to rally support around its campaign for a new Penn Station, it just released a video of everyday folks and some of urban planning/architecture's bold-faced names basically dissing the urban blight. "It's pretty much like a fancy hospital. You know, a fancy vagrant hospital," says one hard hat-wearing interviewee. "It's dirty. It's disgusting. Everyone's miserable. No one's ever happy." Whoa, harsh. Agree? Here's a petition you can sign. Ahead of a City Council hearing on Wednesday that will determine the length of Madison Square Garden's renewed permit to operate, which in turn will dictate the likelihood that a new Penn will ever be built, the video also recaps the four fantastical designs for a mind-bending new transit hub (built right in MSG's place) presented a few weeks back. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

MEATPACKING DISTRICT/WEST CHELSEA?We all know that the High Line's success has spawned an array of copycats. Now you can hear more about them at a series of free talks about public spaces and their impact on communities. First up, on June 24, is a discussion of Philadelphia's Reading Viaduct (pictured), an out-of-use freight and passenger railway that winds above the streets and between buildings just north of the city's center. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]