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At $3M, The Edge's Duplex Penthouse Is Among 'Burg's Priciest

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In the north tower of Williamsburg condo The Edge, a duplex penthouse has sold for $3 million (shy of its its $3.25 million ask)?but who cares, because its first resale has crowned it one of the most expensive penthouses in all of hipster land. The Observer first spotted the sale, noting that its first buyer, consultant Peter Jenkins, shelled out $2.16 million for the 3BR/3BA in 2011 and used it merely as a pied-a-terre. Nevertheless, he completely overhauled the decor of the sky-high glass box, bringing in design team Hollister and Porter Hovey (sisters), who took a "Proustian approach" that incorporated "unexpected details like a World War II-era radio-frequency signal generator in the master bedroom." Proust, schmoust... Jenkins is walking away from this record-setting sale with a 20 percent annual return in his pocket.

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The Edge

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