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Let Iggy Pop Show You Around the East Village in 1993

If you're going to take a tour of the East Village in the mid-'90s, there are probably worse guides than Iggy Pop. An EVG reader dug up this fantastic clip from an (apparently) little known 1993 documentary in which Pop shows Dutch filmmaker Bram Van Splunteren around Alphabet City. At the time, he had been living there for three years as a resident of gentrification beacon the Christodora House. "I live in a nice [building] and that gets up a lot of people's tree," he explains, disarmingly. "But fuck it. What the fuck? I'm not a martyr." (Guess Iggy Pop was one of those Yuppie Scum everybody used to talk about. Weird.) In any case, it's a fairly recent development — "I used to come down here to score drugs all the time," he tells Van Splunteren. The whole video is definitely worth a watch.

In 1998, Iggy Pop "fucked off to the nearest luxurious suburb, which is Miami," where he still resides. Alphabet City currently houses a doggy day care called Ruff Club.
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