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Cornerspotted: P.S. 33 On Jerome Avenue In The Bronx

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This week's Cornerspotter location almost stumped everyone, but Ferryboi spent a ridiculously long time thinking about it and finally got it right: the old P.S. 175 on Jerome Avenue near 184th Street in the Bronx. Commenters quickly figured that the building was a school, but it took a few wrong guesses?P.S. 171 on East 103rd Street and the old P.S. 109 on East 99th Street?before the correct location was revealed. Today, the building is P.S. 33, and the elevated tracks of the 4 train run along Jerome Avenue in front of the school. We could not verify the architect of P.S. 33, but we'd wager that it was C.B.J. Snyder since it looks nearly identical to several of his other school buildings and was built during his time.

· Photo: P.S. 175 on Jerome Avenue, ca. 1900 [MCNY]
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