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Stalled Kent Avenue Site Has This Building in Its Future

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The full-block lot at 421 Kent Avenue had expired permits for a Karl Fischer design when it last changed hands for $31.6 million in October. Chinese real estate company Xinyuan Real Estate Co. bought the property and is taking it in a different direction. The architects at WASA/Studio A are at work on a new building for the site, according to the firm's e-mail newsletter?that's a rendering of it above. The seven story-building will include "one-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom luxury units with rooftop garden terraces and individual pools." Woah, more private pools? The archibabble notes that the materials and size of the building are meant to "carefully relate to the industrial architectural legacy of the Williamsburg waterfront," something that doesn't seem particularly obvious from the rendering.
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421 Kent Avenue

421 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY