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How to Access Massive Amounts of NYC Real Estate Data

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The unveiling of new real estate tech options continues after this morning's Nestio relaunch with the unveiling of a new tool from CityRealty: a Market Insight section with a ton of real-time real estate data to fill those long days when there are no new market reports to be had. The section includes all kinds of tools?a currency comparison chart for average condo and co-op prices, graphs comparing average square foot prices for similar buildings, weekly market reports, etc.?but our favorite is probably the piping hot sales data served up in all kinds of graphs and charts.

The recent sales graphs are self-explanatory: sort sales data for up to the past 30 days by area of the city (the categories are too broad to really call them neighborhoods) and size of apartment sold. The graph will spit out the total number of sales, the median price, and the median price per square foot. In the past 30 days, for example, there were 51 two-bedroom condos sold in Manhattan, at a median price of $1.6 million or $1,483/square foot. There were 60 two-bedroom co-ops sold at a median price of $1.165 million, or $925/square foot.

Though the overall recent sales graph doesn't allow very specific neighborhood breakdowns, the site includes a separate chart for neighborhood-specific stats. Take a look at some East Village numbers, as an example, on the graph above. The site also includes Brooklyn neighborhoods, but nothing for Queens so far. Take it for a spin right over here.
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