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The Studio Building's Insane Penthouse Now $4.5M Cheaper

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The asking of price of "the best living room ever" has just been chopped significantly, from $20 million to $15.5 million, but its brokers haven't toned down the listing at all. "Irreplaceable historic penthouse," the brokerbabble begins, and goes on to to describe the apartment as a "an 11-room residence [that] will forever remain without peer in Manhattan" with "the most spectacular living room in New York" and "3 bathrooms."

Without question, the highlight of the apartment is the enormous living room/great hall, which features 1,215 square feet of floor space, 22-foot-high ceilings, and a huge wall of windows that looks directly onto the Natural History Museum across the street. The room was originally designed as a studio apartment for sculptor Karl Bitter when the building was constructed in 1909. Bitter died in 1915, however, and since then the apartment has enveloped some of its surroundings, but has had only three other owners. The current ones are known for their art collecting and for throwing enormous, lavish parties with hundreds of guests.

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