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Meet St. Vincent's Condo Conversion The Greenwich Lane

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The buildings that once made up St. Vincent's in the Village are, after a long battle, embarking on a new life as condominiums. One of those buildings, 130 West 12th Street, has already sold out. Now the others are making their teaser-y debut in an apartment building and townhouse combo project called?drumroll please?The Greenwich Lane, from developers the Rudin family and Global Holdings. (The name comes from one of Manhattan's first roads, now Greenwich Avenue.) The complex's preliminary website is live. None of the pricing information is available yet, but we've got time?Corcoran Sunshine will began sales this fall, with closings waaaay off in the fourth quarter of 2015. And while we wait, there are plenty of other details to chew over.

The project is made up of five apartment buildings and five townhouses on West 11th and West 12th streets, for a total of 200 one-bedroom to six-bedroom condo units. (The apartment building addresses, for the detail-oriented, are 140 West 12th Street, 150 West 12th Street, 160 West 12th Street, 155 West 11th Street, and 145 West 11th Street.) The townhouses and one of the apartment buildings, 155 West 11th Street (also the tallest of the five), are new construction, and the entire project is architected by FXFOWLE. Even with a shared architect, there are plenty of differences among the buildings: as the renderings above demonstrate, 150 West 12th Street is a pre-war structure; 140 West 12th Street has a mid-century look.

Inside, design big name Thomas O'Brien will be handling the interiors, with different finishes for each building. The buildings will be O'Brien's first (and so far, only) residential development, so a potential collector's item for followers of the interior design world.

The teaser site touts "a staggering array of private amenities," but so far all we know is that the buildings will share a landscaped private garden (the better to hide from any still unhappy neighbors).
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