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It's not just Eero Saarinen's retro-futuristic TWA terminal at JFK, now landmarked, that has caught the eye of passionate preservationists and architecture mavens. The now-defunct Pan Am Worldport, a terminal topped by a flying saucer (okay, a roof) used by a now-defunct carrier, is getting listed today as one of the country's most endangered historic places. Despite a dedicated coalition and a supportive Facebook group, what's now called Terminal 3 is slated for demolition in the name of more room for the space-starved airport. Said a Port Authority spokesman: "The old Pan Am Worldport terminal at JFK served this region for more than a half century, but is obsolete for 21st century aviation purposes... where the Worldport is located cannot be set aside for preservation because it is needed for other aviation uses that will lead to job creation and economic growth." [WSJ; photo via Save the Worldport]