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Single-Family Townhouse in Park Slope Asks Only $2.5 Million

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Welcome to the Brooklyn Townhouse Roundup, where we—you guessed it—take a look at the most notable Brooklyn townhouses to hit the market over the past week. Got tips? Send 'em here.

? Located at the northernmost tip of Park Slope, this four-story single-family townhouse is on the market for a mere $2.5 million, which is not a whole lot when you look at what other single-family townhouses in the area are selling for—often within moments of being listed—these days. The 2,800-square-foot home hasn't sold in 12 years, but it doesn't appear to be in bad shape and includes marble mantels, two wood-burning fireplaces, crown moulding, and a full wet bar.

? Incredibly, yet another single-family home is available for under $3 million, and this one was just renovated. The three-story 1850 townhouse in Cobble Hill is asking $2.8 million and features marble mantles, wood molding, ornate ceilings, and a garden.

? And in Greenpoint, a four-story brick house with commercial space on the ground floor, a rental unit on the second floor, and an owner's duplex on the upper two floors has hit the market for $3.75 million. The duplex features open layouts, exposed brick, wood beamed ceilings on the upper floor, and a freestanding marble bathtub in the middle of the lower floor.
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