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'Hell Building' Finally Loses Steel Tumor But Is Still Not Done

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Years ago, the handsome red-brick warehouse at 333 Carroll Street was dubbed the the Carroll Gardens Hell Building, mostly because of the gigantic, illegal, so-called "steel tumor" of an addition jutting out from its rooftop that besmirched both it and the entire neighborhood. After what seemed like eons of uninterrupted ugliness, it was removed. Yay! But construction for its conversion to a 37-unit residential building is still ongoing. After eight years. Boo.

Pardon Me For Asking outlines the epic saga behind the conversion thus far, which has included two architect switches?from barred Robert Scarano to Hot Karl to the lucky architect of the moment, Nicholas Scire-Chianeta of NSC Architecture, who appears to have not yet acquired a bad rep. Miraculous. Over the course of its construction, PMFA notes warily, 333 Carroll has amassed 60 complaints and 22 DOB violations. The developer's office didn't return a request for comment, but for the neighbors' sakes, let's just hope the darn thing gets done soon.

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333 Carroll Street

333 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, NY