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Mary-Louise Parker Sells Village Duplex for $7.45 Million

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A sharp-eyed commenter points out that actress Mary-Louise Parker has finally managed to unload her 10-room duplex at 32 Washington Square West, which she's listed no less than three times over the past year, most recently in March. The final price was $7,450,000. Not what Parker was hoping for when she first asked $7.995 million, but then again, her decor?scrubbed from the most recent set of photos above?was rather personal.
Specifically, any children who have ever stepped into this apartment, and maybe some prospective buyers, too, have probably been traumatized by the puppets, creepily guarding their castle and their bizarre Coney Island Cyclone mural:

Here's the floorplan, thankfully puppet-free:

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32 Washington Square West

32 Washington Square West, New York, NY 10011