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Short Film Hyping 432 Park Condos Sounds Utterly Insane

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A few weeks ago, we briefly mentioned the alleged "short film" commissioned by developer Harry Macklowe to promote properties at 432 Park Avenue, set to be the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere upon its completion in 2015. Well, details on the project are emerging, and holy cow, they're something else.

According to The New York Times:

The movie consists of a series of dreamlike sequences, rife with images of wealth and privilege, and loosely plotted around a stunning brunette as she travels to her home at 432 Park Avenue from her country estate in England. She is shown leaving the manor in the backseat of a 1957 Rolls-Royce and then flying across the Atlantic in her Learjet If that wasn't enough, here's a list of more ridiculous things that are apparently featured in the film:

· Renowned tightrope walker Philippe Petit dressed in purple velvet and a top hat (like Prince)
· Appearances from Le Corbusier, the Wright Brothers, Al Capone, silent movie star Anna May Wong, and Spider-Man
· Inexplicable tango dancers
· Inexplicable ballerinas ("a cultural nod to New York")
· Harry Macklowe in a King Kong costume (what a fun guy)
· Mama Cass

The short was produced by Emmy-winning marketing agency DBOX, in conjunction with a team of three architects, who insist that you call it a "film," not a "video" or, y'know, an "advertisement." Unfortunately, if you want to see it, you're probably out of luck unless you're really considering buying, because it's only being shown in 432 Park's sales office.

Oh, also it's estimated to have cost over $1 million.
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