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Pier A Is Finally Getting Restored; An Oyster Bar Is On The Way

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Hot on the heels of our in-depth look at the past, present, and future of the city's piers last week, H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture passed along some up-to-date shots of the restoration of Battery Park's long-stalled Pier A. It's had a bit of an identity crisis in the past?Would it be a museum honoring Italian-Americans? Um, no, it would just remain uber-creepy and falling apart!?but now its $18 million restoration is well underway. That means the 127-year-old landmark is en route to its future incarnation as dining and recreation hub with a pedestrian plaza, outdoor seating, and a three-story building with a casual oyster bar, a high-end restaurant, a catering hall, and a tourist information center. Far from "doomed," no sirree, this baby won't be sinking into the harbor anytime soon when H3's done with it! It'll be beige with green trim and a green roof, looking just as spiffy as when it served as home base to the Department of Docks and the Harbor Police, except folks will be slurping crustaceans and throwing back some brews and looking at our bustling waterways instead of, you know, protecting them.

And, lest you've forgotten in the years that this project's dragged on, here's what the final product will look like (more images here):

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Pier A

4 Battery Place, New York, NY