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The Plaza's Fake Facade; Central Library Plan Hearing

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MIDTOWN?Even Curbed tipsters are getting into the Hotels Week spirit! Someone sent along this photo of the Plaza Hotel, showing its faux facade. The hotel has joined the trend of creative construction netting, using a 62,000-square-foot mural printed with its facade while the building undergoes renovations. According to NBC, the image was hand drawn and then screenprinted onto the fabric. [CurbedWire Inbox; NBC]

MANHATTAN?Preservationists and book-lovers are up in arms about the New York Public Library's proposed $350 million renovation of the landmarked Central Library, and this week, the New York State Assembly will hear testimony from the Committee to Save the New York Public Library. Assemblymember Micah Kellner called the public hearing over mounting concerns about the library's renovation and plans to sell off branch libraries to private developers?something that the Brooklyn Public Library is also planning to do. Anyone wishing to give testimony about why the libraries should be saved needs to fill out this form. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]

PARK SLOPE?Lyn Hill, VP of communications at New York Methodist Hospital, reached out to clarify the details about tomorrow's meeting about the hospital's planned expansion. As it turns out, the meeting on Thursday is not public; it's invitation only and meant for neighbors who will be directly affected. "The purpose of these meetings is to discuss potential impact and how it might be mitigated," said Hill in an email. "We are still at a very preliminary stage of planning the construction and are gathering input from a variety of constituencies before we present draft designs this fall. There will be several opportunities for public comments and suggestions at that time." [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

CHELSEA?A tipster sends word that a new building application has been approved for 232 Seventh Avenue. Architecture firm of record is C3D, and it looks like it will have 17 floors with 49 residential units. There are currently three buildings on the site that will soon be demolished to make way for the new tower. [CurbedWire Inbox]

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