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Cornerspotted: The Comfort Inn on West 35th Street

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Not much action on this week's hotel-themed Cornerspotter, but that's possibly because the second comment named the correct location. It's the old Gregorian Hotel at 42 West 35th Street. Developed by Henry J. Braker and designed by Clarence True in 1903, the hotel was meant to be a small, yet elegant counterpoint to the massive Waldorf-Astoria that had just gone up a few blocks away. Daytonian in Manhattan has a wonderful detailed history of the lavish hotel, which became quite the hot spot for high-society types. It flourished through the 1920s, but in the mid-20th century it declined to little more than a flop house. Sometime in the late '90s/early aughts (we think), the Comfort Inn took over. Most of the facade ornamentation was already gone, and the chain added insult to injury by painting the lower levels a ghastly orange color.
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