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Imagine If Madison Square Garden Moved To Grand Central

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The Municipal Art Society's campaign to build a new Penn Station (one with a hefty dose of architectural craziness to boot) on the site where Madison Square Garden currently sits has stirred up a lot of ire from people like, oh, the arena's owners, who hold that they own the land and hence can't be forced to move. But other folks are taking the whole idea with a grain of salt, and infusing the debate with a much-needed shot of irony. To wit, the architects over at Michael Sorkin Studios have envisioned what Madison Square Garden would look like if it were relocated, not to any viable place, but merely plopped on top of Grand Central station. "We admit some ironic intent," principal Sorkin writes. "Many thanks for helping get the idea out there!" A pretty outlandish rendering was first spotted on Archpaper, and then Sorkin's team sent us over a few more. Have a look, but remember, it's just a commentary on the whole hoopla.

Now, what shall we call this idea-in-jest? Madison Sphere Garden and Madison Circle Garden are two suggestions. Ready, go!
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?Note from Michael Sorkin Studio: the modified images were built with photos used under Creative Commons licensing; the original images came from Flickr users wonggawei, nouhailler, InSapphoWeTrust, Gabe Imagerie, ruprechtstudios and Mike_Fleming.