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Is West Village Complex Westbeth 'Stockpiling' Housing?

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West Village complex Westbeth, designed by an early-career Richard Meier, was originally meant to house similarly early-career artists, with the 383 apartments intended to be held by their renters for about five years while the artists grew their careers. But things haven't worked out exactly that way, with many of the building's original occupants still living there. And even when apartments become vacant, local elected officials are alleging, new tenants aren't being allowed to move in?Westbeth is "stockpiling" apartments, State Senator Brad Hoylman claimed in a June 18 letter to Westbeth, spotted by DNAinfo. About 20 apartments are estimated to be vacant right now. This happens, says one resident who is on the Westbeth applicant evaluation committee, because often residents' estates take some time to settle after they die, or apartments need to be repaired after their renters move out. But that isn't much consolation to the folks on the waiting list, some of whom have been waiting for more than 15 years already. One, composer Chris Berg, estimates he'll finally move into his Westbeth rental in 2039, at which point he will be 89 years old.
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