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Now the 990 Fifth Avenue Triplex Wants $50 Million

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Back in 2010, before insanely priced listings were popping up every couple weeks, the fact that this thirteen-room Rosario Candela-designed triplex in 990 Fifth Avenue was asking $42 million caused a bit of a stir. To no one's surprise (included the broker's), it failed to find a buyer and the listing quietly disappeared. Yesterday it returned to market with the same photos and everything. The only difference is the ask, which is now $8 million higher, giving it a $50 million price tag that, by today's standards, feels almost commonplace. (When it was first listed, it was the city's most expensive co-op; now it's number four on the list, with number one costing more than twice as much.) The apartment includes an irrigated terrace, private elevator, five fireplaces, and $23,082 monthly maintenance charges.

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