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56 Leonard Penthouse In Contract for New Downtown Record

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In a whirlwind couple of months, Tribeca's Jenga tower, 56 Leonard, has come back to market?after years in unarrested development purgatory?sold a bunch of units, raised its prices?and now, not all that unexpectedly, set a record for a condo sale below Midtown. Or at least, the building will set a record if the deal for the penthouse, with a sale price of $47 million, actually goes through. Do call it a comeback!

The buyer, according to the Journal, is an unidentified "New York-based hedge-fund manager." Guesses?though we may never know the truth?now being accepted in the comments. With this deal, 56 Leonard would unseat 18 Gramercy Park, which put a duplex penthouse in contract for $42 million, as the priciest condo sale downtown.

The Journal checks in with a few other new downtown buildings about their pricing. It doesn't look like 150 Charles has a pricing rival to 56 Leonard, but it does have just one unit left to sell. 56 Leonard's toughest competition may come from Walker Tower, where a 6,000-square-foot penthouse is about to go on the market for $55 million.
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