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The Worst NYC Hotels According to TripAdvisor Reviews

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In a city that has the best of the best hotels, New York also has its fair share of the "shockingly bad," "creepy basement," mold-filled hotels, too. You could say these fall under the "budget" category. But even if all you have to offer for a room is a pack of gum and a song, there are places that should be avoided. Here we bring you three of the worst reviewed NYC hotels on The reviews themselves are pretty starling, but what's even more surprising is the number of people who have experiences them?one of these hotels has a whopping 209 terrible reviews.

Hotel: La Semana Hotel
Location: 25 West 24th Street between Broadway and Sixth Avenue
Cost: Reviewers note $119/night + taxes
Number of terrible reviews: 20 out of 27
Choice words: "Feels like you're in a creepy basement! [...] Overall this room is great if you're drunk or lost and u need a place to stay only for one late night." "There was toilet paper hanging from the ceiling and bubblegum stuck over the peep hole on the door from the inside." "Murder witness?? [...] Then we heard the thuds. Loud, bone chilling crashes against a wall, floor, I dont know. But they were heavy and silent. We didnt dare look at each other or acknowledge them. Instead, we prayed for morning to come and keep us alive."
Above photo of La Semana Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of New York Inn, New York CityThis photo of New York Inn is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Hotel: New York Inn
Location: 765 Eighth Avenue, Between 46th and 47th Streets
Cost: From $119/night
Number of terrible reviews: 209 out of 337
Choice words: "While I was there, the NY Board of Health was marking rooms as uninhabitable." "A rat helped us eat our Hersheys chocolate. [...] When we complained about our uninvited guest, the man at the desk simply said, 'but it's night, they come out at night.'" "'Condemned by the FDNY' signs on the front door and many hotel rooms." "Perilous to human life. [...] The pipes were held together with duct tape, the bed was crawling with bugs, the entire hotel smelled like wet dog, and the room was 5x5 feet."

Photos of Sun Bright Hotel, New York CityThis photo of Sun Bright Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Hotel: Sun Bright Hotel
Location: 140 Hester Street
Cost: From $85/night
Number of terrible reviews: 66 out of 115 (plus 22 poor reviews)
Choice words: "Shockingly bad. [...] Washroom facilities look like something out of the film Saw! Rusty basins and flies circling toilet seats." "Shocking this place hasn't been closed down. [...] The rooms are more akin to prison cells than hotel rooms. They are cages with no ceiling." "This place should have chickens not people. [...] This place shouldn't even be charging a penny to stay there cause you may not leave alive." "We stayed a week and I've still got the clothes I took tied up in black garbage bags because I'm afraid of bed bugs."
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