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The Tourists-Complaining-About-Times-Square Hall of Fame

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Times Square, as we all know, is the worst, not least because it is completely packed with tourists. But you know who doesn't think it's the worst? The tourists. They can't get enough of it, and, to be fair, Times Square does feature everything that people love about New York City—the theatre, huge billboards with Guy Fieri's face on them, mentally ill people dressed as giant puppets, etc. And, of course, lots of hotels. Sometimes, in the course of staying at one of those hotels, it dawns on a tourist just how terrible Times Square is.

Having your "business meeting" in Times Square and describing it as a "Low end tourist destination" is like having your business meeting in a swimming pool and describing it as "wet."

It's almost enough to make you reconsider getting engaged in front of a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. (Or doing things outside of the hotel.)

"...And then there was another potential criminal at the restaurant I went to, but he turned out to be the maitre d'. And then another one driving the taxi I got into, but he ended up just being a taxi driver. New York is fraught with danger!"

"Pops was paying and he's cheap as shit."

This just in: Times Square Loud.
· Hotels Week 2013 [Curbed]