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Behold, The Plaza's Epic Multi-Foyered Hotel Suite Floorplan

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There are many reasons why the Plaza is one of the most luxurious and iconic New York City hotels, one of which is a little 4,490-square-foot something called the Royal Plaza Suite. Inspired by King of France Louis XV, the 3BR/3.5BA is more like a multi-million dollar Upper East Side home than a hotel room. Just look at that floorplan. There's, a library "stocked with titles hand-selected by Prosper Assouline, the founder of Assouline, a luxury book publisher," a living room with a baby grand piano, a dining room for 12 people, a home gym, a full kitchen with a pantry, and at least eight foyers, which the hotel-babble describes as "unique oval and round vestibules." There's a private elevator entrance, and the bathrooms, of course, have 24-karat gold plated fixtures. How much do these luxuries cost? About $30,000 per night.

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The Plaza

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