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Where To Stay In Miami; Penthouses With Private Pools; More!

The latest from Curbed Miami, our outpost in the "Sixth Borough"...

1) Now: Check out newest hotels on the Miami scene with our first Hotels Heatmap. See here when asking the question "Where should I stay right now?"

2) Upstairs: Got money to burn and crave a beautiful view? Check out Curbed Miami's list of eight of Miami's most lavish hotel penthouses. Hightlights include plenty of ocean views and private pools, and even the occasional music room.

3) Downstairs: Descend from the penthouse to the most democratic room in the hotel, the lobby, where the highest echelons of hotel guests rub elbows, or at least bump wheely suitcases, with the Hotwire using hoi palloi. Do check out Miami's six most absolutely sensational hotel lobbies.

4) The Future: But what's just around the bend, under construction? What will be new in a few years? Check out Curbed Miami's list of Miami's most anticipated upcoming hotels, here.

5) Everywhere: And finally, behold, the Miami Hotel 38, Curbed's thoroughly researched list of Miami's 38 Essential Hotels. These are the old reliables of Miami's hotel trade, where you'll likely get a good room no matter what. Of course, things change, so the map will be revisited and revised every so often to keep it up to date. Have a criticism or an update? Do let us know, and stay tuned.
· Curbed Miami [miami.curbed]