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Check Out Four Long-Awaited NYC Hotels Opening Soon

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With at least 55 hotels under construction across the city, the number of cushy new beds visitors will have to choose from in the coming months and years will be staggering. But which will be ready soonest, and what will they look like on the inside? We've picked four hotels scheduled to open their doors well before 2014 rolls around, and taken a look inside. From the Roman and Williams-designed Viceroy New York on the thoroughfare of nonstop development more commonly known as 57th Street to a converted industrial warehouse in Long Island City called The Paper Factory, here's a roundup of some highly anticipated entrants to New York's hotel scene during the second half of the year.

Opening: November, according to the reservations tool on its website
Location: 120 West 57th Street
The skinny: The first Viceroy-branded hotel in New York City will have 240 rooms across 29 stories and a facade of black brick and metal windows, courtesy of dynamic design firm Roman and Williams (known for their work at the Standard, the Ace, and more. Some rooms and suites will have Central Park views, and there are already floorplans for browsing. Restaurants will reside both on the rooftop and in the lobby. We've been keeping an eye on the construction of this bad boy, with the design team itself posting hilarious updates on its Facebook page. [previously]
What we're most excited about: Those industrial-looking, metallic room dividers, the park views, and the reality vs. rendering comparison with this illustrated spotlight-lit facade.

And the preview:

Opening: September 1
Location: 101 West 57th Street
The skinny: Joining the Viceroy on 57th Street?literally, about half a block away?is this Perkins Eastman-designed 205-roomer, which includes 27 suites. The vibe is a little quirky/artsy, given that in its former life as The Buckingham hotel it played host to the likes of Jan Paderewski, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Marc Chagall. The restaurant will be 70s-themed.
What we're most excited about: Seeing how the designers incorporate the work of Swedish-born ink and watercolor painter Daniel Igneus, who is The Quin's in-house artiste of sorts. Also, the lobby? With those chandeliers and columns? Gorge.

And the preview (and a couple more photos here):

Opening: Late August
Location: 2178 Broadway
The skinny: This new brand's first New York outpost (even though its name stands for "New York Loft," go figure), this 285-room boutique hotel on the Upper West Side is being totally renovated from its former incarnation as a century-plus-old apartment building called The Westmore, but will maintain and old-school vibe. The theme, like some other new hotels, is along the Prohibition-1920s-speakeasy lines, with its inspiration coming in part from Harlem during the Jazz Age. A piano lounge, library, main bar, and sidewalk cafe make up the common/social spaces. HotelChatter calls it a welcome respite from the mom 'n' pops currently populating the area.
What we're most excited about: To see how the heavy carved wood paneling and remnants of the old will jive with the slightly industrial bent of the new designs, like the lobby's concrete floors and exposed brick. Will it all hang together?

And the preview:

Opening: Early August
Location: 37-06 36th Street
The skinny: Another new hotel for Long Island City, this one has been converted from an old warehouse and will have 120 guestroom that range from dorm-like accommodations all the way up to suites. There will be a restaurant, a bar, a spa, an outdoor beer garden, and a communal business center (expect a WeWork-styke coworking space). Prices per night will range from about $50 for the bunk bed rooms and top out at $300 for the king-sized suites.
What we're most excited about: Checking out the waterfront views, and seeing if Long Island City's hotel renaissance becomes a continuing, sustainable, popular thing.

And the preview:

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Willow Hotel

120 West 57th Street, New York, NY

The Quin

101 West 57th Street, New York, NY Visit Website