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Hot Karl Beach Building Gets Name, Teaser Site, Terrible Slogan

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After five years during which a massive development site on Bedford Avenue was in turns a bed of slime that served as a sorta impromptu swimming hole and a duck pond, the building is finally getting an identity. Designed by box-loving architect Karl Fischer, it has thus far been known by its brilliant nickname, Hot Karl Beach. Now, alas, we must call it 101 Bedford?its official moniker, according to its new teaser site, that shows a change of address for cosmetic reasons, we imagine, as the lot was previously known as 95 Bedford Avenue. But praise be to the gods of humor, for there is something new to make fun of, and that thing is 101 Bedford's terrible slogan. "Toto... I have a feeling we're not in Brooklyn anymore," it goes, attributed to a scruffy dude in glasses and a hoodie with a badly photoshopped dog on his lap. Hoodie? Dog? Glasses? And facial hair? Reality check: You're still in Brooklyn, dude. There's no escaping now. The teaser site unhelpfully lacks details, but last we heard the multi-facaded structure will house 262 a whopping 350 apartments, retail space, parking for 144 cars, and a cellar swimming pool. UPDATE: BuzzBuzz reports that pricing starts at $2,350 for a studio, $3,100 for a one-bedroom and $4,100 for a two-bedroom, and that other amenities include a wine tasting room, library, golf course, massage parlor and interior courtyard.
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95 Bedford Avenue

95 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY