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What's the Cheapest Room in Manhattan's Priciest Hotels?

Hotels in Manhattan, as we may have established at some point this week, can be pretty expensive, but also pretty great. And, after four days of ogling the fanciest temporary digs the city has to offer, one question that may be lingering in all of our minds is: What's the least amount of money it would take for me to spend a night in one of those places? Curbed intern David Stein took a hard look at the numbers to determine New York City's five fanciest (read: most expensive) hotels, and here are the cheapest rooms that each of those hotels has to offer for next Saturday night, via each one's official website.

1) The St. Regis
The St. Regis's smallest room is 430 square feet and costs $695/night before taxes (just over $800/night after). It comes with a marble bathroom, desk, flat screen TV/DVD/stereo, and, of course, your own personal butler.

2) Trump International
A 440-square-foot room in the Trump International costs $675/night ($780 after taxes) and comes with a queen bed, a 55-inch flatscreen, 10-foot floor-to-ceiling-windows, and, in most cases, a kitchenette.

3) The Peninsula
In The Peninsula New York, a 370-square-foot room on the 4th to 20th floor with an "interior" view costs $595/night (plus tax). But who needs a view when you've got mood lighting, a bathroom TV, an in-room safe, and an oversized executive work desk?

4) The Plaza
The cheapest room in The Plaza next Saturday is 475 square feet, located on a floor between the 5th and 10th, and costs $655/night (really $753). The views are indeterminate—could be city, could be courtyard—but what's guaranteed is a bathroom with inlaid "earth stone" mosaics in floral motifs and a sink faucet plated in 24-carat gold. Also butler service.

5) Mandarin Oriental
In the Mandarin Oriental, a 420-square-foot room costs $695/night ($801/night after taxes). The Mandarin Oriental is not messing around. You definitely get city views, though.
· Hotels Week 2013

The Plaza

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