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Sky Garage Penthouse Headed for a Makeover, $23M Price Tag

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Big changes are coming to a penthouse in the Annabelle Selldorf-designed 200 11th Avenue, aka Sky Garage. The Real Deal reports that building developer Youngwoo Associates is bringing in the innovative Dutch architecture firm MVRDV to give the 3,248-square-foot unit a major overhaul, the highlight of which will be the addition of a "sky vault" centerpiece. When it's complete, the car elevator-equipped penthouse will return to the market in September for $23 million. Youngwoo sent out marketing materials, pictured above, announcing the renovation, but they would not provide any other details about the makeover. Ryan Serhant, the chosen broker for the future listing, also declined to comment.

The penthouse in question is PH1, which was listed last year for $12.95 million. We were shocked/confused last year when we learned that the place sold for $7.6 million in 2009, but the Real Deal clears that up. Evidently, that sale, and the $11 million sale that happened in 2012, were both sponsorship partner buyouts, so no humans have actually ever lived in the space. Perhaps a Dutch makeover and record-setting price tag?a $23M sale would set a price-per-square foot record for the neighborhood?will do the trick. For kicks, here are the old listing photos and current floorplan so you can try to imagine where this sky vault will be going:

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200 11th Avenue

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