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Check Out the First Interior Renderings of 432 Park Avenue

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The first exterior renderings for 432 Park Avenue showed the Rafael Vinoly-designed superscraper towering over its Midtown neighbors. No surprise there?the boxy structure will be the western hemisphere's tallest residential building when it's finished. And the first interior renderings take full advantage of those views. BuzzBuzzHome has a glimpse at two of those renderings; we dug up a third, which may be found below. (Floorplans, for reference, may be reviewed here.) As of March, prices on available units ranged from $20.25 million to $78 million; a penthouse is already in contract for $95 million. Anyone seen more recent pricing/availability data? Let us know.

Behold! The other interior renderings (interiors, by the way, are by Deborah Berke):

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432 Park Avenue

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