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Oh No, DOB Shutters Much-Hyped West 34th Street Roof Deck!

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Oh, roof deck, we hardly knew ye. A highly-touted recreational haven built atop 433 West 34th Street, also known as Haddon Hall, is no more. Before its second birthday, the Department of Buildings shuttered the outdoor retreat for not having a second means of egress. "Cost a packet and now it's unusable. Residents fuming. Co-op board and management company in deep do-do," writers our tipster.

During construction, one of our informants called it "one of the best roofdecks on the Middle Westside - views in all directions, from the Chrysler Building, Empire State to the Hudson River, N, S, E and W!" Well, now no special Middle Westside resident can step onto the Jeffrey Erb-designed oasis and see those vistas, including Haddon Hall tenant Italian architect and designer Antonio Pio Saracino, who at least has the option to retreat to his stylishly artsy apartment below.
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