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Cabrini Home Reborn As Ben Shaoul Rentals Starting at $3,450

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The Cabrini nursing home closed last summer at Fifth Street and Avenue B after developer Ben Shaoul plucked it up for a luxury conversion. And now, a year later, six of those elder care rooms-transformed-into-rental units are on the market, in a fancy development cheerily called Bloom 62. EV Grieve spotted the very first listings on Streeteasy this weekend. A one-bedroom at 542 East 5th Street clocks in at $3,450/month; the two-bedroom for $3,800; two three-bedrooms for $5,600 and $6,800; and finally, two 4BRs for $6,750 and $7,600.

For the price, you get pretty sweet amenities, including a landscaped roof deck with showers, Weber grills, and a teak sundeck, a gym, storage plus space for bikes, and a yoga room with a music system. According to Bloom 62's website, the apartments themselves have high-end appliances and fixtures, but the photos posted with the Streeteasy listings were pretty underwhelming. Plus, the interior renderings in the photo gallery above don't seem all that impressive either.

All these images show is is a sleek stovetop and range, a beige tiled tub, and a washer-dryer. Maybe Shaoul and co. should show more than hardwood floors and a bedroom that fits a queen-sized bed to justify that price. More photos, please! And let's see some floorplans, though, before we get too judge-y.
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