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"These look like lovely apartments, kudos to the developers for job well done (assuming final product matches pictures). Gracious layouts, nice finishes and quality appliances. My biggest issue is the neighborhood. The area is not ugly, but pretty character-less with lots of big apartment buildings and old storefronts. The upside is this area is transitional; Mirabeau will probably be the first of many conversions in the area, bringing gentrification and driving property prices higher. The downside is this will take years to happen with construction noise and inconvenience when it does. Also, this area is outside of the UWS Historic District, meaning 1. as it gentrifies, it will likely come to resemble Broadway on the UWS, i.e., big box stores, which some would consider a negative change, and 2. depending on which way your apt faces, your views/light may be adversely affected down the road by new construction. If this building were just a few blocks south in the historic district, you wouldn't have to worry about either of these so much, but likewise, the apts would be priced a lot higher."*?anon [Condo Conversion Mirabeau Launches Sales On the UWS]