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Making A Governor's Island Pavilion With 53,000 Plastic Bottles

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Every year the Figment NYC festival sets up shop on Governor's Island with all manner of wild and wacky participatory art projects, and this weekend's edition is no exception. One highlight is always the City of Dreams Pavilion, the winner of an annual contest that challenges designers to figure out new ways to get cynical New Yorkers to fantasize a little. This year's winner, called the Head in the Clouds pavilion, is almost complete, and the staff at Studio Klimoski Chang Architects has chronicled the building process.

The pillowy structure is 40 feet long, 18 feet wide, and 15 feet high, with a structure of clamped-together curbed aluminum tubes. Inside, layers of 16-ounce bottles are filled with a small amount of water in varying shades of blues; on the outside, one-gallon water jugs woven with netting are tied to the frame, blanketing the structure. "Visitors will be able to sit inside the cloud and contemplate the shifting light as it filters through the layers of bottles," says principal Jason Klimoski in a video on their Kickstarter page, a campaign that raised more than $13,000. There is also seating and a small stage for performances inside the cloud. The number of plastic bottles thrown away in New York City in an hour is 53,000, and that's how many (collected over several months from local businesses and organizations) make up the pavilion.

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