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East Village 'Custom-Built Artists' Palace' Wants $6.5 Million

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The listing for this $6.5 million "industrial chic" East Village townhouse, built by Cutsogeorge Tooman & Allen Architects for an unnamed "sun-loving California dreamer," is enticing, if a little confusing without floor plans. Apparently there are four stories contained within those three sets of red steel-framed windows, with The Lower East Side Girls Club housed on the first floor, a 3BR/2BA apartment on the middle two, and a penthouse with triple-height ceilings on the upper level. The floors are all concrete with radiant heat, and there are multiple terraces, plus lots of metal grating and built in shelves and drawers. It might not be to everyone's tastes, but in a neighborhood currently being divided between Ben Shaoul and Jared Kushner, this is nice to see.
· Listing: 56 East 1st Street #2 [Town]