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Ridiculous, Probably Illegal, Homecrest House Faces Demo

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For seven years, a wildly incongruous what-the-fuck structure has loomed over East 12th Street in Homecrest, Brooklyn, but now, finally, the house is likely headed for demolition. The building consists of a hulking, half-finished white box propped up on a steel platform above the existing bungalow. According to the Daily News, it was given the green light by the Department of Buildings because the architect, Shlomo Wygoda, had "self-certification" rights (he's since lost them) and classified the work as an alteration rather than a new building.

Neighbors have fought for years to have it removed, and now a state judge has ordered the city to reevaluate the process that allowed this building to be built. The judge also told the owner, Joseph Druzie, that he should prepare to tear town his house. "What the state judge said," explains a zoning expert, "is that that the BSA did not properly conduct its responsibility as an overseeing body and determine the DOB's rubberstamp as invalid." The BSA decision is due July 23rd.
· Neighbors Win Battle Over Notorious Tower on E. 12th St. in Homecrest as Judge Orders a Review [NYDN]