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Design for Delayed $27M W. Thames Bridge Finally Revealed

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Just when we thought the long-stalled pedestrian bridge over West Street was going to be delayed further because of a scuffle over who should pay for budget overages, we see contrary evidence that the overpass will, in fact, get built. Well, not physical proof, but new renderings (!), thanks to the intrepid Tribeca Trib. SHoP Architects' cool open-air design from 2009 has officially been scrapped?try to keep up, folks, we know this project is moving at warp speed. It's been replaced by the glass-roofed walkway above, a double "lenticular truss" courtesy of engineering firm Weidlinger Associates and WXY Architecture. An official told the Trib that "[i]t selected a standard 'George Washington Bridge grey' because it's a paint color that the Department of Transportation keeps in stock." Now that's prioritizing aesthetics, eh?

The bridge will have stairs and elevator access on both sides of West Street, despite community concerns that outdoor elevators frequently malfunction. It's expected to see traffic up to 1,100 pedestrians an hour crossing between Battery Park City and the Financial District. Though the design still needs approval from the Public Design Commission (and apparently they are simply not big fans of glass roofs), construction is still expected to begin in November, with an opening date of mid-2015. Here now, some more renderings of long-awaited bridge, which has already been four years in the making:

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