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Bike Wars

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Wall Street Journal staffers are apparently divided on the whole bike-share thing. A member of the notoriously conservative editorial board, Dorothy Rabinowitz, recorded a much-derided video that absolutely slammed the newly launched Citi Bike program into the ground. But now sports reporter Jason Gay urges people to just try the damn things, taking up a satirical pen in the name of city cycling. He posits that no human could actually be "anti-bike" and that those who believe Citi Bike marks "the end of the world" are vastly over-dramatizing a very simple situation: "I don't know if it's actually controversial or it's just fun to make it sound controversial because that is what New York does. ... If anything, the 'outcry' about bikes sounds more like a last gasp, the same kind of gasp that always happens when a city is confronted with change." A much-needed reality check? Check. [WSJ; previously]