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Medieval Castle Co-op Just Wants to Be Normal Now

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Remember that kid who wore a cape and plastic fangs every day in sixth grade and subsequently decided that he just wanted to fit in but by that point it was way too late? This huge co-op in Lincoln Square's The Harmony is that kid, except instead of wearing plastic fangs it was designed to look like a weird medieval castle with low ceilings and expansive glass windows, and instead of being the ill-conceived plan of an awkward 11-year-old it is an apartment designed by one or more incredibly wealthy adults. After more than two years on the market, during which time it saw its price fall from $6 million to under $4 million, the 6BR/6BA combo (also available in a smaller size) has clearly undergone a crisis of confidence.

Having failed to make a single friend (even, it would seem, a temporary rental friend), the apartment has decided that it just wants to be a normal kid apartment. To that end, it has replaced all the light fixtures with something a little less...contextual (for reference), removed all the furniture (we could have sworn most of that was built in) and generally just decided to pretend that everything isn't either made out of gray bricks or covered in intricate wood carvings. No longer pictured: the bathroom, the bedrooms, the media room, any of the stone hallways with the crazy paintings and candle holders. Now pictured: a forlorn internet router, charging on a marble bench. See? Modern.

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The Harmony

61 West 62nd Street, New York, NY