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Man On A Mission Will List 100 Ways To Improve The Subway

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School of Visual Arts student Randy Gregory has embarked on a 100-day Tumblr project in which he suggests a different improvement daily that could be made to the New York City subway system. He's got 55 dreams down and 45 more to go in this ambitious initiative, first spotted by subterranean transit blog Second Avenue Sagas. Gregory has listed fixes both small and practical (facing station signs towards the trains as pictured above; adding rubberized grips to the metal poles to avoid slippage) as well as large and?cynics that we are?unlikely (an AirTrain to LaGuardia; real-time boards that indicate which cars are full and which are emptier). While it's all theoretical, of course, we applaud Gregory's civic-minded enterprise and hope that the MTA lend give him an ear one day. Because we really would appreciate a smell detector to tell us which cars to avoid this summer.
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