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The Daily Show on Citi Bike: 'They're Just F*cking Bikes'

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The first week of Citi Bike is coming to a close, so Jon Stewart and the Daily Show sent their investigative team to see just why New Yorkers are so outraged by the bike share program. The first part shares the irrational freak-out mildly over-the-top reaction by Wall Street Journal editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz, while the second part (starting around 2:10 mark in the above video) hits the streets plagued by Citi Bike. Indignant NIMBYs say the program is "a disaster," "a hazard," and "desecrating historic neighborhoods." One lady even suggests that golf carts would be a better alternative. But what about the neighborhoods that don't yet have Citi Bike?

If old ladies in the Village are angry that Citi Bike is destroying their streets, Bed-Stuy?or at least the outspoken representative chosen by the Daily Show?can't wait for them:

Bed-Stuy Guy: Ain't no Citi Bike in the 'hood!
Reporter: So you're saying people in your neighborhood actually need the bike program?
Bed-Stuy Guy: We. Need. Citi Bikes!
Reporter: Why can't you guys just take the subway?
Bed-Stuy Guy: Take the subway? The J train? The J train?? Where the fuck am I gonna go on the J train?

And when the reporter insists that Citi Bike will divide his neighborhood and uglify his streets, Bed-Stuy Guy holds his position: "An eyesore in the neighborhood? We're in the 'hood. Them little pretty royal blue ass bikes are gonna decorate this motherfucker." We're quite taken with the blue color, too.
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