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The Knickerbocker Hotel's Rooftop Bar Takes Shape In Midtown

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Time Square's Knickerbocker Hotel, a historic Beaux-Arts building built by John Jacob Astor IV in 1906, is currently being restored to its former glory, thanks to a $115 million makeover by FelCor Lodging Trust. FelCor acquired the building last year and embarked on a massive restoration that would convert the structure back to its original use. Details about the project have been sparse, but last we heard, it would have 330 hotel rooms that average 400-square-feet, meeting rooms, restaurants, a fitness center, and a rooftop bar.

Since it's a renovation, there's not much construction watching to do?except, of course, if you have an aerial view, like the kind tipster who sent along this photo (click for big) of the hotel's rooftop. The photo was taken from the 16th floor of the Condé Nast building, and our tipster gave a brief rundown of what's been happening: "For the past few months they've been demolishing old electrical and storage structures at the top of the hotel, and just this week they've started adding the steel. Looks like they're starting on that rooftop bar?" Looks like it! We reached out to FelCor for more details, so we'll update if/when we hear back.

UPDATE: Stephen Schafer, Vice President of Investor Relations at FelCor sent along the following info: "The interior was taken down to the floor plates, so it will essentially be a brand new hotel, except for the extraordinary façade, which is being preserved. most of the guest rooms have been framed and we have started installing the HVAC and electrical in the guest rooms. The core and shell work is mostly complete, and will be finished this fall." He also noted that the rooftop bar will be an in-demand spot for future New Years Eve paries, as it's adjacent to where the ball drops. The hotel should open next April.
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