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FiDi Co-op Residents File $10M Suit To Keep A Denny's Out

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The residents at 150 Nassau don't want a Denny's on the ground floor of their 1896 Beaux Arts beauty-turned-2002 conversion near City Hall so badly that they've slapped the fast-food franchise's operators with a $10 million lawsuit. The Real Deal reports that the co-op board has filed a legal complaint alleging that a Denny's outpost would lure loud crowds of rowdy college kids, lead to renovations that could compromise the building's structural integrity, block the building's handicapped access, cause insurance rates to rise, and generally be super, super smelly. Meanwhile, the commercial space's landlords, the Jamaica-based Babaev Group, have vowed to tackle the claims and get that Denny's open.

Perhaps the anti-Denny's front is unsurprising, given that the historic abode, also known as the American Tract Society Building, is topped by a completely mindboggling, design award-winning Skyhouse, with an 80-foot-long shiny silver tubular slide, 45-foot-high ceilings, and a climbing wall. Would its owner really want riff-raff grabbing fries at midnight 23 stories down? The legal babble captures the sentiment well: "In stark contrast to the dignity and storied character of this quiet, residential, family-oriented building, Denny's is a fast food chain synonymous with a late night party atmosphere, as well as drunk, disorderly, violent and criminal conduct."
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