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Controversial Plaza 'Attic' Back on the Market for $59 Million

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The lawsuit over the Plaza penthouse once purchased by Andrei Vavilov might be a little ridiculous?he sued on the grounds that the developers hadn't given him the "light and airy expanse" they promised, but had instead given him something more like an attic?all signs point to the fact that buyers haven't exactly been thrilled with this particular property. The latest sign: the penthouse is back on the market as of yesterday, this time asking $59 million. Avid Plaza fans might recall that the apartment sold last spring for a little more than $25 million (after a long wait and some PriceChoppage), so why the extravagant flip attempt?

According to the brokerbabble, this time the apartment is sold furnished?and they aren't just any furnishings. "The Penthouse is being delivered with custom furnishings personally selected by world renowned design firm Candy & Candy. They have created a contemporary New York loft-style residence in an uptown setting." (The current owner is Christian Candy, developer of London's One Hyde Park.) Mmm, candy?

Sorry about that. Here are a few more listing images and the floorplan:

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