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Two $10+ Million Townhouses Listed on West 12th Street

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Imagine you have around $11,000,000 to spend on a place and you've narrowed it down to two apartments in the same neighborhood. How do you make up your mind? The answer is simple: you shove them into a metaphorical cage and let them battle it out until one emerges victorious. It's time for Real Estate Deathmatch.

Address: 62 West 12th Street/ 78 West 12th Street
Price: $11,250,000 $10,695,000
Taxes: $2,276 $2,980
Beds, Baths: 4, 3.5 6, 4
Built In: 1839 1843

? With two eight-digit listings for renovated townhouses on the same Greenwich Village block appearing within 24 hours of each other, it would be a shame not to match them up, so here we go: 62 West 12th Street is the smaller and more expensive of the two (so lower taxes) but it's also a single-family. And it's much more renovated and has an elevator, and an 18-foot glass atrium, so there's that. In addition, extra points to the listing agents for using the word "yesteryear."

? 78 West 12th Street appears to be separated into three apartments with an owner's duplex on the top two floors (that or the previous owner really liked kitchens). It has retained a lot more original details, though, and, as mentioned, seems to be much bigger square footage-wise.

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