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Pier 57 Adds Shipping Container Art; Shops Will Come Later

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The long-awaited renovations to Pier 57?which will turn the whole thing into a mall made out of shipping containers?are finally kicking into gear... but we still have awhile to wait till the the stores are open. In the meantime, the pier near 15th Street on the Hudson River is playing host to some pop-up shops as well as a new installation called Magic Carpet by Spanish architect Josemaria de Churtichaga. Young Woo & Associates, the firm behind the whole project (now abbreviated to P57), collaborated with Churtichaga to set up 36 shipping containers, each suspended from the ceiling of the pier's South Head House and hung 10 feet off the ground. Though they won't yet house shops or eateries, like they will down the road?or even act as housing, the way others do?the containers are movable, allowing them to be raised or lowered for events or temporary projects like art exhibitions. Expect these babies to be around for 18 months or so.

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