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50 Bond's Third Floor Sells for $5.3M to Fourth Floor Owner

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The third floor of 50 Bond Street sought $5.85 million when it hit the market in late January. The listing came on the heels of sales of its upstairs neighbors, the fifth floor closing for $6.1 million and the fourth for $5.65 million. Given the more functional look of floor three, we're not entirely surprised that, as a commenter pointed out, the apartment sold for $5.3 million, a sizable amount below its asking price. What is interesting about the sale: the name of the buyer on the deed, Markham Partnership Lp, is the same name on the deed for the earlier sale of the fourth floor. Is there combo condo in the works? Please let there be a combo condo in the works.

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50 Bond Street

50 Bond Street, New York, NY