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More Interior Renderings Unveiled for Midtown's One57

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Midtown's very tall, very expensive One57 is an ever-shifting mystery. It's never quite clear what's on the market, who's bought something, or how much people are paying for these units, anyway. So it's a relief whenever some true intel makes its way into the Curbed inbox. Today that intel comes in the form of an online presentation of floorplans and never-before-seen renderings for a handful of units in the building. One, a 4BR, 4.5BA, is asking $20.5 million; the other, a 3BR, 3.5BA, is seeking $27.3 million. One of the new interior renderings is above.

Another tipster who's considered buying at One57 also passed along a few floorplans we haven't seen before:

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