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'Handcrafted' Rentals In Dumbo; New Art In Mad. Sq. Park

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DUMBO?A tipster sent along a photo of newbie 30 Washington's on-the-street advertising, describing it as "the most obnoxious eyeroll inducing brooklyn/dumbo sign ever." All it says is the address and "Handcrafted Dumbo Rentals," which, we'll admit, made us roll our eyes. But the annoying advertising has not hindered leasing at the building. Less than a month after it came to market, 40 percent of the apartments were taken. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

FLATIRON?Come September, Madison Square Park will welcome a new public art exhibit, "Ideas of Stone," consisting of three 40-foot-tall bronze sculptures by Italian artist Giuseppe Penone. Manipulated bronze trees with river stones sitting in the branches, the artworks speak to "the need and search for balance." They "will interact with Madison Square Park's lush landscape to highlight the relationships amongst man, sculpture and nature." You can see them from September 26 to February 9. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]