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Watch This Exterminator Describe NYC's 52 Million Rodents

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Of Mice and Man from Redglass Pictures on Vimeo.

According to his documentarians, Michael Sabov of Green Apple Pest Management Solutions is, "a New York City exterminator with a heart of gold." A short film by Redglass Pictures, posted by the Atlantic today, chronicles his surprisingly compassionate, sensitive take on his job as a rodent hitman. Cute animations of mice contrast Sabov's rather alarmist monologue. "I don't think you can ever come to terms with being a murderer. It's not easy to do, and when you see a lifeless body, it's not easy to deal with," he says. "If people knew what I knew, they'd probably be afraid to walk the streets." Why? There are 6 or 7 mice per New York City resident, their peeing and pooping is the number one cause of food poisoning, and Hurricane Sandy resulted in a proliferation of the rodents trying to escape their waterlogged homes, infiltrating apartments that hadn't seen hide nor hair of them in 40 years. Yet Sabov still respects the resilient little creatures. Mice: they really are just like us, unwanted sods trying to survive in a cutthroat world. But ultimately: "I have a great respect for mice, but yet I do have a duty to my own species," Sabov says. "That's the business that I'm in." And thank god for that.
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