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$4M Harlem Townhouse Sale Sets Neighborhood Record

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Just under $4 million seemed a far-fetched price for an East Harlem townhouse when that townhouse?2036 Fifth Avenue?first hit the market a year ago. But maybe the market has caught up with that ambitious number. The place recently went into contract, and the Daily News reports that the price was, indeed, $4 million. That's a neighborhood record, by the way. (The townhouse average for the area is $1.65 million.)

The property consists of two units, with the residential floors (three of 'em) up top and a commercial duplex on the first two floors. The residential area includes four bedrooms, two terraces, and rooftop space, and "the basement is perfect for storage as well as playroom and gym!" Will the (unidentified) buyer follow up a record purchase with some epic mansion creation?

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